Societies and Scientific Committee

About the societies

The Swiss Society for Infectious Diseases SSI

The Society was founded in 1990. Its missions are amongst others:

  • to offer a high quality training program in infectious diseases compatible with professional requirements in Switzerland and Europe.
  • to continue to develop a high level of research (both basic and clinical) in infectious diseases in Switzerland.
  • to improve the infrastructure to pursue these activities.
  • to educate the medical profession on problems related to infectious diseases.
  • to promote awareness in the medical community of their activities.
  • to promote public awareness of public health issues such as the development of resistance in common microorganisms.

At the moment the Society has around 340 members.
President: Prof. Nicolas Müller, MD, Zürich



Swiss Society for Hospital Hygiene SSHH

The Swiss Society for Hospital Hygiene advocates and promotes the prevention of nosocomial infections.

At the moment the Society has around 300 members (individuals and institutions).
President: Matthias Schlegel, MD, St.Gallen


Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology SSTMP

The overall goal of the Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (SSTMP) is to represent the integrating basis for the common interests of all people in Switzerland working in the fields of tropical medicine and parasitology.

The SSTMP is open for all activities in basic and applied research in parasitology as well as in tropical medicine. The activities within these three domains represent the driving force of the SSTMP. The committee of the SSTMP encourages and coordinates if necessary individual initiatives and activities within and interactions between these domains. The annual assembly and the annual scientific meeting form the integrating forum where the emphasis is laid on the interdisciplinary aspects of and the critical dialog between the three domains. The SSTMP represents the interests of its members towards other scientific societies, political and educational institutions.

At the moment the Society has around 270 members.
President: Prof. Jürg Utzinger, PhD, Basel



Scientific committee 


PD Werner Albrich, MD, St.Gallen
Prof. Enos Bernasconi, MD, Lugano
Prof. Pierre Yves Bochud, MD, Lausanne
Prof. Stephan Harbarth, MD, Genève
PD Barbara Hasse, MD, Zürich
Prof. Nicolas Müller, MD, Zürich
Prof. Klara Posfay Barbe, MD, Genève
Claude Scheidegger, MD, Basel
PD Sarah Tschudin Sutter, MD, Basel
PD Gilles Wandeler, MD, Bern


Matthias Schlegel, MD, St.Gallen | President
PD Jonas Marschall, MD, Bern
Walter Zingg, MD, Genève


Prof. Jürg Utzinger, PhD, Basel | President
Daniel Mäusezahl, PhD, Basel | Vice-President


Andreas Neumayr, MD, Basel | Vice-President
Pietro Antonini, MD, Lugano